Alexey was born in 1962 in Magdeburg, DDR, where his parents had been working. Soon they came back to Moscow, where Alexey lives for now on. When he was five years old, Alexey understood, that he wants to become an artist.

In 70-s the used to attend art lessons, where his first teacher talked with him a lot about art and painting. This conversations strengthen his desire to become an artist and tie his life tightly with art. His first success was in his teenage years, when he worked as independent artist on Arbat street. In 1991 his first personal exhibition in memory of S. Paradjanov was held, where he presented his paintings with sceneries Old Moscow.

His main purpose is to let the viewer to feel the atmosphere and to give an opportunity to see again the best moments in his life. The world he paints is seen by his soul, not by his eyes. The ideology of using is new combination of possible and impossible.

The inspiration is taken from a blank page: without sketching or planning. The masterpiece can be created only under impact of emotions and events.

Gradually his paintings became well-known and famous. Now his paintings are stored in many private and public collections in Russia, USA, Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland.

catalogue of works